Contest Time!

Update: We’re pushing back the deadline. We’ll announce the winner March 7.

It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these, how about one where you could win a copy of the test pressing our new album? Sounds good, let’s do it. But what’s a test press you say?

So putting out a record is a multi-staged process. After you record the music, mix the tracks and get the overall volume where you want it, a mastering studio will send lacquer plates (like that rare Velvet Underground acetate you probably heard about a few years back) off to a plant. These are later used to make a big metal stamp that will turn softened vinyl pellets into sweet, sweet records. After the stamper plate is made, a few records are burned off and sent off to bands and labels for approval, basically to make sure everything sounds cool and there’s no funny stuffs happening on or in between the tracks.


We got ours back a couple months ago, they sounded awesome, and were approved immediately. We’re gonna put one of them up for you to win, but it’s a double LP so we’re going to make you work for it a bit. However, this is also a contest where you could potentially win two things.

First thing you gotta do is be a member of the Jamz club. If you aren’t already, the easiest way to sign up is by paypaling us $20 to, you can also drop off your dues at Listen Records here in Edmonton, or email us for a street addy if you’d prefer to send cash. Along with your membership, send us your address because members of the Jamz Club receive newsletters with additional info, treats we come up with along the way, a forthcoming unreleased 7″ and the denim demons patch (which you need to win the test press). To make this fun, we’re also going to be randomly giving away one membership for free to those who sign up between now and the release date of our new album, Feb. 25.

To win a test press of Taiga, just put your patch on something, take a picture of it and tag us on either FacebookInstagram or Twitter. It’s pretty ballin’ on a denim jacket, but go to town and be creative! We’ll pick our favourite one and post the winner online Sunday March 2, with some fun stuff for a few runners up!


 Bun Bun, OG Denim Demon.


Status Update

Taiga preorders have begun here which may be of interest to some, as there will be a very limited number of the new album released on coloured vinyl (/100). As well, our pals at ND are pressing a special t-shirt for the preorder along with a tape of demos (including alternate versions of songs and one that didn’t make the cut). These were recorded with Mighty Romeo before we hit Chicago last summer.

The new album will be out on Feb. 25th. Regular vinyl will be 180g and play at 45rpm for maximum sound fidelity. Play it loud skids! Until then, mark March 1st on your YEG calendars as we’ll be putting something special together for that night to mark the release. Western Canadian tour to follow in the spring, Canada this summer. Europe, we’ll be back in the fall.

Jamz club. Thank you to everyone who’s signed up so far. Newsletter #2 will be out shortly with some information on what your patch will get you this year. That’s right Denim Daddys/Mommas, you are now entitled to benefits! The JC single is at the plant, and an unreleased song taken from the Albini sessions should be on your doorsteps this spring.

Hot damn.

Yours in lust,


Some of our favourite jamz (2013 Cdn ed.)

Shahman – Sounds That Look Like Us (Revolution Winter, 2013) Recorded live at the Hive(RIP), Ottawa two-piece (twin-piece?) craft 8 tracks of sparse, haunting melody weaving with sections of doom-laden catharsis. The missing link between Kepler and Neurosis with a smattering of Unwound on top? That’s dumb, but you get the idea. Great record. -James

Greg Macpherson Band – Fireball (Disintegration, 2013) Six records in, Gmac wrote an album of front to back bangers. New drummer in the mix has really helped up his rock ante. Been waiting for this one. -dal

These Estates – The Dignity of Man (2013) Regina’s secret weapon. The first full length from these three gentleman is an excellent summary of the growing pains that tag along with early adulthood in the Canadian prairies. Easily compared to Silkworm, but that’s a pretty huge bonus if you ask me. -Lee

Greys – Drift 7″ Noisy, nasty, grungy and loud. Hurry up with that full-length already.- Stefan

Esmerine – Dalmak (Constellation, 2013) This one put CST back on my radar. Haunting string melodies and Eastern-inspired percussion arrangements for fans of instrumental groups like Rachel’s, Dirty Three or Garland of Hours early work. -dal

Announcing the Denim Demons Jamz Club!

We’re happy to announce the SLATES Jamz Club! Those who sign up will receive two copies of a hand-bound zine/newsletter, a limited casette tape of unreleased music only available here (or vinyl 7″ if we get about 75 peeps), a sticker, patch, exclusive members-only offers, and other goodies (deemed appropriate) delivered to your door. If at least 75 people get in on this, we’ll be able to press a super limited 7″ that will exclusively be available to members only. SLATES will not be making any money off the Jamz Club, this is entirely dedicated to those who’ve been so supportive over the years. But full disclosure, we also miss the days bands would send you stuff in the mail and want to do as much of that as possible before Skynet nukes North America. Annual membership is $20 if you live in North America, $25 if you’re across the pond. To become a member, paypal your dues to slatesgang(at)gmail(dot)com, or email us and we’ll reply with an street address to send your dough.

New tour, new tune

We’re heading everywhere we can between Winnipeg and Whitehorse this spring, check the Tour section for dates.

Also, Vérité. It’s a brand new jam of ours, recorded in the Dojo by Eric and mixed by Jesse Gander.

Status Update

I suppose it’s time for an update eh? After all, it is the dead of winter and I know what you’re thinking; what are SLATES up to? Well my friends, like Darrin Kenneth O’Brien, I’m here to inform.

First off, you wanna know how to slow down production of a new album? Join TOO MANY COVER BANDS. This is exactly what every member of SLATES was up to last fall. Between Bon Scott era AC/DC, Pogues and weddings we had our hands full and if you were (un)lucky enough to catch any of those Edmonton or Calgary shows let me tell you, we appreciated the whiskey and you’re not getting any of your money back.

The SLATES shows in those towns with the Flatliners and Propagandhi were a great time though. I remembered that I had an old letter squirrelled away somewhere that Todd wrote me when I was 17.


“Holy shit, look how bad my writing was back then!” – the Rod

Good things come in small packages though. Especially when they’re Wheat Chiefs shirts from Marc Belke. Thanks Muc!


So writing for the 3rd LP is well underway as are plans to track the thing at Electrical Audio. The jams are sounding “tight”, I’d go as far as to say they’re “probably the best we’ve ever written”. We’re also “really looking forward to playing the new songs live”, throughout Western Canada, where we’ll be heading this spring.

Other than that, much respect to those involved in the Idle No More movement and those opposed to the conservative agenda (see: whittling away of environmental regulations and treaty rights) rolled into Bill C-45. The majority government seem to be having a heyday packing some very concerning things (ie. weakening environmental regulations and rolling back crucial treaty rights) into these omnibus budget packages, and it’s an inspiration to see people paying attention and taking a stand.



It’s a little late I know, but a huge thank you to everyone who came out, fed us, helped with and let us sleep on your couches on the Canadian tour. We had a riot and we’re already talking about another one! First things first, we’re going to get back in the studio and finish writing songs for a new album. We’re halfway there-ish. Pending injuries, honeymoons and  the grind of the daily, we hope to have things ready to go and record in the early spring. In the meantime, we’ve got a couple prairie shows coming up with the Flatliners and I found a great interview we did this summer with Toronto is Awesome. Check it out here.  For all other sporadic musings, check our facebook and twitter accounts. XO, talk soon.

Ahhh, remember when it was warm?