Some of our favourite jamz (2013 Cdn ed.)

Shahman – Sounds That Look Like Us (Revolution Winter, 2013) Recorded live at the Hive(RIP), Ottawa two-piece (twin-piece?) craft 8 tracks of sparse, haunting melody weaving with sections of doom-laden catharsis. The missing link between Kepler and Neurosis with a smattering of Unwound on top? That’s dumb, but you get the idea. Great record. -James

Greg Macpherson Band – Fireball (Disintegration, 2013) Six records in, Gmac wrote an album of front to back bangers. New drummer in the mix has really helped up his rock ante. Been waiting for this one. -dal

These Estates – The Dignity of Man (2013) Regina’s secret weapon. The first full length from these three gentleman is an excellent summary of the growing pains that tag along with early adulthood in the Canadian prairies. Easily compared to Silkworm, but that’s a pretty huge bonus if you ask me. -Lee

Greys – Drift 7″ Noisy, nasty, grungy and loud. Hurry up with that full-length already.- Stefan

Esmerine¬†– Dalmak (Constellation, 2013) This one put CST back on my radar. Haunting string melodies and Eastern-inspired percussion arrangements for fans of instrumental groups like Rachel’s, Dirty Three or Garland of Hours early work. -dal