The Band



James Stewart
Lee Klippenstein
Dallas Thompson

Sometimes people exist in a certain place and at a certain time for a reason. Slates is a punk band from Edmonton, Alberta; not punk like leather/tattoos/screaming/one minute songs and junk. Just punk. Edmonton is a cold, industrial city where money often dominates little things like art, the environment, and pride. Slates have to exist in Edmonton. They couldn’t exist without these surroundings, and the city needs somebody to document it and say when it’s right or wrong. The two go together perfectly.

Since 2008, Slates have been recording and touring. Their stinky van has taken them everywhere it physically can, and a less-stinky plane has brought them to places like Cuba, Bosnia and the Yukon Territory. Places that don’t often get to see touring bands.  They’ve released three LPs and five 7-inches. The newest full-length called Taiga, was recorded with engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Stooges, Jawbreaker, Neurosis) at Electric Audio, and released in early 2014.

-Craig Martell, Wunderbar, Edmonton

Things we’re not into: the Warped Tour, shows with gross corporate sponsors, sexism, racism, classism, speciesism and putting our name on beer koozies.


SLATES – Taiga (2014, New Damage Records)
SLATES – Prairie Fires (2011, Handsome Dan Records)
SLATES – s/t (2009, Roast Records)


BIRDS OF PARADISE & SLATES – Ghost of a Lover (Zaxxon, 2015)
SLATES/EAMON MCGRATH – split (New Damage Records, 2014)
SLATES – Wangwee (Debt Offensive, 2012)
SLATES – Bun Bun (Handsome Dan Records, 2011)
SLATES/STALWART SONS – split (Revolution Winter Records, 2011)
SLATES/OLD SINS – split (CON Records, 2010)


Taiga Demos (New Damage Records, 2014)
Dad Jamz (Bart Records, 2011)
A Compilation of Hope (Bart Records, 2009)