Album #4, recorded in Edmonton by Steve Albini, to be released on 5.18.17.

Pre-orders now available on the New Damage website with bundles including a long out-of-print shirt design, enamel pin and demo tape of alternate versions and unreleased tracks from sessions leading up to the final recording.

New video recording below, release shows in Calgary and Edmonton added to tour dates.


Summer Tour is the Reason (for this post)

Greetings fellow Earthicans!
I hope this finds you sufficiently thawed and ready for some easy livin’. We’ve got plans to make another album with Albini at the helm this summer and thought it would be nice to hop in the van and road test some of the new tunes.

What? Bands still do that? They don’t all just sit around with GoPros filming themselves looking cool, reading YouTube comments???

(Idea, we should totally film ourselves reading YouTube comments…)


Anyways… we’re hitting the Yellowhead this July with our bud Garrett Klahn (from a little band called Texas is the Reason). It should be a good time, we’ll probably even play some songs together.

Screenshot 2016-04-11 20.22.14

Looking forward to seeing you…

Festival Announcements!

After bringing the noise to Sled Island this summer, we will continue bringing analog air destruction to a couple other festivals this fall including our first appearance South of the border. See you in Gainsville!

We also appear on the new 7″ released by Montreal allies Birds of Paradise, wherein we back them on an original tune and a Suicide cover. Dig the digital version here and the wax over here.

Go West?

And how! A run of dates with our buds the Flatliners in just a couple weeks, along with some smaller shows in places we like to play. Ch-ch-ch-ch check it out here.

Are you watching the calendar as the month of September melts away? Us too, but before the depression sets in, we’ve got a couple shows coming up here in Edmonton. The first one is this Saturday at the Wundi. With the place up for sale, we jumped at the opportunity to play for Craig and co. one more time, the only thing we’re gonna do different is play side A of Automatic Midnight by the Hot Snakes (with maybe a couple others in there too). Woo!

Secondly, you’ve probably heard of this Up and Downtown Fest that’s happening here next month. It’s shaping up to be a good weekend, we’re excited to be a part of it and will be playing a big show that’s happening in the Starlite building involving the Constantines and Ladyhawk upstairs, with Slam Dunk, Young Liars the Summering and us downstairs (in Brixx). Oct 11th. From what I gather, one ticket gets you access to both floors. Party party party…

Lastly, we’re currently nailing down a tour out East with our buds Life in Vacuum, the dates of which will be posted once I’m finished spinning Damn the Torpedos.

Update: November prairie dates with the Flatliners just announced!


surf wax alberta

Howdy folks, are you enjoying yourselves this summer? Got the ol’ BBQ fired up? Covered yourself in some deep woods OFF? Got the new OFF lp on the turntable? How’d you like a new 7″ to put on after that? You would?! Well, fellow resident of this steaming pile of space garbage, you are in luck! We’re putting out a new 45 with our buddy Eamon McGrath next month that I think you may enjoy. You remember Eamon… for a while he was in the Wok Box business, until he decided to ditch dirt city for the big smoke. Turns out he’s made a couple of really great records since then! One of which (and arguably the best) is this split in which we cover each others songs. If all goes well, we will have it available on our short prairie tour together this fall!


Taiga Leg 2, engage!

Drummer’s Log. Stardate 308542.8082191781. Our destination is 18 stops across the barren land in northern, north america (to the north!). Our crew will be travelling eastward throughout July, with a high potential of exposure to subway sandwiches. It is not known whether or not vegetarian patties have made it to Wawa or Kenora for that matter, so it is likely that the crew will rely on Clif bars and Metallica tapes to get them through. These are the journeys of the rock band Los Saltes, please check tour dates for details.