Status Update

I suppose it’s time for an update eh? After all, it is the dead of winter and I know what you’re thinking; what are SLATES up to? Well my friends, like Darrin Kenneth O’Brien, I’m here to inform.

First off, you wanna know how to slow down production of a new album? Join TOO MANY COVER BANDS. This is exactly what every member of SLATES was up to last fall. Between Bon Scott era AC/DC, Pogues and weddings we had our hands full and if you were (un)lucky enough to catch any of those Edmonton or Calgary shows let me tell you, we appreciated the whiskey and you’re not getting any of your money back.

The SLATES shows in those towns with the Flatliners and Propagandhi were a great time though. I remembered that I had an old letter squirrelled away somewhere that Todd wrote me when I was 17.


“Holy shit, look how bad my writing was back then!” – the Rod

Good things come in small packages though. Especially when they’re Wheat Chiefs shirts from Marc Belke. Thanks Muc!


So writing for the 3rd LP is well underway as are plans to track the thing at Electrical Audio. The jams are sounding “tight”, I’d go as far as to say they’re “probably the best we’ve ever written”. We’re also “really looking forward to playing the new songs live”, throughout Western Canada, where we’ll be heading this spring.

Other than that, much respect to those involved in the Idle No More movement and those opposed to the conservative agenda (see: whittling away of environmental regulations and treaty rights) rolled into Bill C-45. The majority government seem to be having a heyday packing some very concerning things (ie. weakening environmental regulations and rolling back crucial treaty rights) into these omnibus budget packages, and it’s an inspiration to see people paying attention and taking a stand.