Announcing the Denim Demons Jamz Club!

We’re happy to announce the SLATES Jamz Club! Those who sign up will receive two copies of a hand-bound zine/newsletter, a limited casette tape of unreleased music only available here (or vinyl 7″ if we get about 75 peeps), a sticker, patch, exclusive members-only offers, and other goodies (deemed appropriate) delivered to your door. If at least 75 people get in on this, we’ll be able to press a super limited 7″ that will exclusively be available to members only. SLATES will not be making any money off the Jamz Club, this is entirely dedicated to those who’ve been so supportive over the years. But full disclosure, we also miss the days bands would send you stuff in the mail and want to do as much of that as possible before Skynet nukes North America. Annual membership is $20 if you live in North America, $25 if you’re across the pond. To become a member, paypal your dues to slatesgang(at)gmail(dot)com, or email us and we’ll reply with an street address to send your dough.