Slates March 2010 Update

All Ager Rager FRI.MARCH.19
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SLATES have been pretty busy writing songs for another album. The action plan is to record this record at the end of the summer. Yes Star! It is going to be a ripper.

Working titles for the new jamz include: Bozon Jamz & Meson Jamz, Boomer Jamz, Wipers IV, Wipers V, Mark Jamz aka Choicey Moves & The Growing Pain Blues, Junior Jamz, Texas Jamz,,,we promise not to make this record one giant inside joke. And if it does become one, well, SLATeS will make sure you are all included!

Above is the cleaner version of the photo from the insert of the SLATES 2009 s/t LP. Photograph was taken from our friend Tara who sold out Edmonton and moved to Vancouver 😉

SLATES 2009 s/t LP (c/w free mp3 download) is now available at Listen Records, Freecloud Records, Blackbyrd Music, & Megatunes in Edmonton, AB.

If you live elsewhere in the world and want a copy of the LP, just send SLATES a note and we’ll make somet’ing happen, seen?