Quick Update

Quick update!

Things have been a bit slow here in SLATESLAND. We got home from tour and decided to lie low for a few months. Stef’s started playing with the Rhubarbs while Dallas and James are involved with a Pogues set over the holidays (not to mention Dirty Dudes, singalongs and other ventures). Of course Eric is inching closer to becoming a kung fu master (which you will definitely not be able to see on the youtubes). No worries, many, many plans for 2012. It’ll be another gooder for Les Slaterinos!

In the meantime (and in between time) we’re playing Matty’s 100th show this weekend at the Wunderbar. He’s been doing great work for the all-ages scene in Edmonton though Clean Up Your Act and when he asked us to play this ripper, how could we refuse?! Event info here.

See you in the new year.