Hey there, thanks for coming to the shows last weekend! The following bands were a real treat to share the stage with and I highly recommend: Auld Beak and Moas (both from Saskatoon), Ian Larue and the Details (both from Winterpeg). Check ’em out if they’re heading your way! Of course let’s not forget ASSX3 from Regina. Ski Trips, possibly the best Mom-friendly words I’ve heard leave Henry’s mouth!

So press is pretty dumb (in my humble and seemingly disenfranchised opinion), but a necessary evil. After all, who is really interested in reading one more vanilla story about how some band formed, their songwriting process or how they got their name? With that in mind, check out the following SLATES related articles wherein old James Stewart speaks on Guitar Hero, Badmotorfinger and All Dressed Ruffles. (I kid I kid, these articles don’t really contain anything Soundgarden or chip related, but they are well written by people we like).


This one’s pretty good too.