No Problem 7″ Release Show – Epilogue

HUGE SHOUT OUT to everyone who came to the No Problem “Your Eyes” 7″ release this past weekend. There is a good good reason why they call it an ALL AGER RAGER !!! Special thanks to Matty / Clean Up Your Act Productions for hosting the evening.

SLATES wouldlike to express a sincere apology to the Edmonton all ages scene for not playing enough hall shows in the past year. We fucked up. We hope we made it up to y’all and hope to play again for you very soon. You were singing along, circle slamming, bangin’ n boppin’…seriously we haven’t been shown that kinda love since the punk shows we experienced in Cuba.

Raptor Strike keep it going boys! xProsecutionx great style and presence, I couldn’t contain myself and had to vault the merch table to get in on the slam! Spastic Panthers … “Cocaine Werewolf” nuff said. You cats ripped, hope to play with you in The Calgary soon. Problem? NO PROBLEM … killed it !!! and extra special thanks to the Chiu Lau Kung Fu crew who came out to support the bands.

Thank you to those who picked up our LP. We also have the album available for free download click here in case mom n dad short-changed your allowance before the show. I hope everyone did themselves a favour and picked up the No Problem “Your Eyes” 7″ because it rips and is everything Edmonton !

We’re playing another All Ager Rager at Avonmore Hall on Oct.16 when The Tranzmitors roll through town, so stay tuned for more good t’ings.

Shows like these remind me of Westmount Hall All Ages shows from 15 years ago. They make me proud to call Edmonton home (if you are from Edmonton and think Edmonton sucks, take a look at yourself and fuck off).

Edmonton has always had it going on. It makes us proud to see the new generation taking it to the nex level. Especially on nites like these.


(Show photos by Michael Villaraza)