SLATES vs Vancouver


Vancouver, BC
@ Brandiz Pub

The Parallels (BC)
Falklands (AB)
Cop Shades (NB)

We are stoked to have an opportunity to play some jamz for the Vancouver crowd. Especially with our pals Falklands as well as the Parallels.

About 8 years ago Eric’s old band The Operators played often and got connected with Vancouver’s The Hoodwinks. The Hoodwinks then transitioned into The Parallels with a new sound…so it will be exciting to reconnect friendships with this show on the west coast.



Come join SLATES for shirtless jamz at Ed Chu Beach !

And feel free to join and celebrate the love of Ed Chu on his official facebook fan club page.

AUGUST 22nd – AUGUST 28th

Recording @ The Hive Creative Labs

SLATES are anticipating a redd hott session with Sir Jesse Gander aka The Beenie Prophet once again at the studio controls.

We’ve got a baker’s dozen of songs in the oven right now and are viciously rehearsing over the next 2 weeks to record our sophomore LP. By ‘viciously rehearsing’ we mean aligning the rhythms, finalizing some profound lyrics and melodramatic phrasing, fine tuning the twin guitar assault, drinking red label Keystone, and for pete’s sake getting Eric to stop shredding so irresponsibly.

For your reading enjoyment, some of the working song titles for this album are:
Boomer Jamz
Bozon Jamz
Crasy Yamz
Texas Jamz
Jr Jamz
Dad Jamz aka Daddy Jamz aka “it took us 2 god damn years to finish writing this song”
Wipers IV & V
Taylor Hall, First Overall aka Hall & Oates Jamz
Pat Quinn Medicine Woman
Meson Jamz
Jah Jamz (A Reprise)
…and Choicey Moves Plays The Growing Pain Blues (A Tribute in the Key of C) aka Peanut Butter & Jamz

Finally…we’ll leave you with a killer quote from our show in Hinton last week. It comes courtesty of Krazy Karla who is the mastermind behind The Metal Mountain Festival happening this weekend…

“You know who you guys sound like? FU-CKING ME-TALL-IC-A !!!”

Right on, Karla, right on. That totally made my night 😉