I don’t mind stealing bread fom damouw ah dacadaayeah

Greetings! Been a while since an update, no? Well today is your lucky day then. Some new things happening in SLATESLAND:

We’ve got a bunch of Alberta shows booked for the next month or so and we’re looking forward to testing out some of the new jamz we’ve got on the cook. Speaking of food, one of these shows will be at the grand opening of the new Padmanadi Vegetarian Restaurant. That one’s on June 19th and we’re playing at 11. If you’re in Edmonton, come down to the new location at 10740-101 Street and stuff your belly full of tasty vegan treats!

12 Jun 2010
The Pawn Shop Edmonton, Alberta
18 Jun 2010
Olympia Hinton, AB
19 Jun 2010
Padmanadi Edmonton, AB
9 Jul 2010
Black Dog Edmonton, AB
30 Jul 2010
The Distillery Calgary, AB, CANADA
31 Jul 2010
DV8 Edmonton, AB, CANADA
1 Aug 2010

Secondly (and I can’t remember if this has been mentioned yet), we’ve put our full length on the internets to download for free. If you’ve got a record player, we’ve got you covered as we’ve still got a bunch of vinyl left. But I know most of you probably don’t have time to drop the needle so go here and put this thing on your ipod/phone/pad/cat/shoe.

Penultimately, I will buy beer in exchange for a rad cover of Hunger Strike.

Annnnnnnd…… recording time scheduled for August! Over a dozen shredders waiting to be tracked to tape by the illustrious Jesse Gander. Snowball tumblin’ down! (Hey hey hey!!!)